Best time to visit Leh Ladakh by road

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is the highest inhabited region in the world. It is also one the coldest, Leh town is 3,522m/11,750ft above the sea level. The average height of the Ladakh range is 6,000m. Peaks in the district, e.g. the Kang La Cha and Kang Ya-tse, routinely go up to 6400m. The highest mountain in Ladakh is the Saser Kangri (7,680m).

Ladakh Weather

Temperature in Leh fluctuates from upto 28° Celsius in summers and as low as -28° Celsius in winters. Summer temperatures rarely surpass 28° Celsius in Leh yet the rarefied air improves the sun’s intensity. It is theoretically possible for a person sitting with his head in the sun and feet in the shade to fail to resist to sunstroke and frostbite at same time!

Visit Ladakh by Road

The road journey from Manali to Leh takes approx. three days with night halts respectively in Keylong and Sarchu, and the same from Srinagar to Leh takes sixteen to eighteen hours, spread over two days, with a night halt in Kargil. A few of the tourists assume that they waste a day if they travel by road, but actually they don’t, because if they fly to Leh they will waste the first day getting acclimatized anyway. And travelling by road has the added advantage of getting to see some of the most exciting places route, also you will have a chance to experience of travelling on the most adventurous roads.

From the end of May, the days are warm and lovely yet night, even in Leh can get very cold. The peak tourist season is June, July and August, when most of the tourists from across the world plunge here. For those traveling via air, you can visit whenever from May till October. If traveling by road you can consider from June to August as best time to visit Leh because of the roads gets cleared and you will find other tourists as well when you hit the road sitting in front of steering wheel to make it your lifetime trip.

The roads, however, just open by June and close by end of September with heavy snowfall obstructing the passes. If traveling by road, in any case, one needs to consider this and check the careful status at some point in May. Visit here to check read more about Manali Leh Road.

Driving Tips to Leh

  • If you are driving your own car, switching to tubeless tyres is strongly recommended. Both road conditions and new cars today make it possible to reach a speed of 100kmph, and more, one some stretches. A front tyre blowing out, in such situations, could mean very serious trouble. Tubeless tyres have the twin advantage of deflating slowly and being capable of inflation that would allow you to drive up to 60km or more till you reach a repair shop.
  • One should also carry a do-it-yourself repair kit. This is very handy, if not necessary accessory to carry as small towns are yet not familiar of tubeless puncture repair. A small air pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket is also available and, depending on the type, costs between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 6000.
  • Add a 20 liter jerry can of additional fuel as a precautionary measure – sometimes all does not go according to plan and the scheduled refueling stop could be dry.
  • Carry spare engine belts, if your car still uses them, as also clutch and accelerator cables.
  • A car invertor that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket is extremely useful for charging cameras and cell phones while on the move.

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Best time to visit Leh Ladakh by road
Best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from June till August end if travelling by road, because of the roads gets cleared and you will find other tourists as well
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