Beginner’s Travel Guide to Ladakh

Beginner’s Travel Guide to Ladakh

Ladakh, as soon as the place enters my mind I am filled with joy, thrill and adventure. Feels like to push start my car, push the pedal and drive through the mesmerizing valleys and beautiful snow covered mountains and roads that covers world’s highest motor-able passes including Tanglang La and Khardung La. Here we are going to discuss the things to prepare before you start the your Lifetime Trip to Ladakh, The Route Maps, Travel Itinerary, places to take a stay while on your trip, reaching Leh & acclimatize in the weather and finally a list of places to visit in Leh and Ladakh.

Here is the little Beginner’s Travel Guide to Ladakh which will help you plan your trip and enjoy each and every moment during the journey. To start with let’s discuss about the things that need to keep in mind before you pack your bags. Most of the times plan arises out of no where, leaving no time for packing the luggage and we forget one or more essential things to carry while going on a trip. The very first is the list of things that you will need while on the trip, as on the way the Leh we will have very limited sources available and have to carry a few things accordingly.

Things to carry:

Leather Jackets: These will help secure from the unfavorable cold winds while on the way and will protect your skin from direct interaction that can make your skin go dry. Also temperature in Leh & Ladakh use to drop much low in the evening and night so the Jackets will help you keep yourself warm & cozy.

Windcheaters: If you are planning to ride on a bike than please do remember to keep windcheaters as the weather on higher altitude is much tough and harsh.

Sweaters/Pullovers/Warmers: The weather is quite colder as we discussed earlier as well and at high places as Khardung La, temperature will drop as low as you will have to wear both the Sweater and a Leather Jacket as well. So it will be wiser to keep the woolens handy so you can easily slip in those while in need.

Sunscreen/Lip Balm/Lotion: Both sun & wind is very harsh and dry, you may get some skin burns if you do not wear sunscreen while out in the day. Make sure to keep a higher SPF sunscreen, say SPF 30.

First Aid Kit: Please make sure to keep proper medication as its very familiar to get sick due to changing climate and oxygen levels. Beginner's Travel Guide to LadakhA list could include a few antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs like Disprin, Band-Aid and especially a few medicines for altitude sickness (you may ask your doctor for the same according to your health conditions). Make sure to keep all the medicines in a pouch or a box so in case you will find those really quick and all the one place. Foods such as garlic, ginger, onions and fennel also possess blood thinning compounds so you can also use these if you are feeling heavy and sick while on the trip.

Identity Proofs: Make sure to keep your ID proof, such as driving license or Passport handy as these will help you while you are in the city. To visit a fewer places like Pangong Lake you may sometimes need to take the inland passes/permissions and will have to show the ID proof.

Car/Bike Spares: First of all, try to take a car/bike with high ground clearance in order to keep yourself away from any issues that can come in trip due to bad roads. Take a few packing ropes/towing rope, a jerrycan to keep extra fuel as we will have only one petrol pump in between the way from Manali to Leh. Mobile Charger, Flash Light/Torch, Swiss Knife, Hand Sanitizer, Match Box, Candles Plastic/Zip Bags, Itinerary Printout and Travel Guides are a few other things that you need to carry on the way.

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Beginner’s Travel Guide to Ladakh
Here is a little Beginner’s Travel Guide to Ladakh which will help you plan your trip. Let’s start with route maps, travel itinerary, places to visit.
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