Places to Visit in Leh & Ladakh

Visiting Leh & Ladakh can be an awesome experience as both of these places are full with natural beauty and ancient monasteries. Have a ton of common excellence. There are various attractions in Leh & Ladakh that are loaded with great flawless magnificence, the rundown is comprehensive of ancient and serene monasteries you’ll ever see, different religious places, royal residences of the eminence, different gompas, mountain crests, natural life safaris, experience movement spots and significantly more. Ladakh with an exceptional trademark that is a mix of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism linings make it a place which merits visiting.

This delightful hilly area, consistently, is visited by a large number of local as well as foreign tourists every year mostly in months of June, July & August. It is both a prevalent summer and in addition a winter holiday destination. If you love going by road riding your own bike or a Safari it is the best place to visit in June & July. Its untouched excellence, snow-clad mountain tops, lavish greenery and detached places draw in a considerable measure of honeymooners as well. That is not all. With a wide range of adventurous activities that it has to offer such as mountain biking, rafting, mountaineering, trekking and so on, it is well-known amidst adventure loving people too.

Here is a list of Places to Visit in Leh & Ladakh compromises the following:

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Places to Visit in Leh & Ladakh
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